liar thief bandit


Liar Thief Bandit began their journey as a band in Malmö, Sweden late 2014.

With one foot in the 1970's rock sensation and the other deep in the late 90’s punk/garage/hard rock revival, this high energy rock and roll trio pays respects to the likes of Kiss, MC5 and the Stooges as well as The Hellacopters, Danko Jones and Rival Sons.

Despite the influential homage to the history of rock and roll, the main ambition is to move forward. Enlighten those who are yet to be enlightened, amaze those who are yet to be amazed. To inspire and most importantly keep the music very much alive.

The debut album “Gun Shovel Alibi” went public on October 7th 2016 through Italian indie label Sailors Overdrive Records and a music video for the track “Lease on Life” can be found and viewed on Facebook and Youtube.

The vinyl version of the album is out now on BLW Produktion and can be ordered from our shop.

Vocals, Guitar / Mike Jacobson
Drums / William Grube
Bass / Niklas Dahre





Gun Shovel Alibi (2016)

by Liar Thief Bandit

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